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Kay is always improving.

The creative team is hard at work shaping and improving this gem of a show. Stay tuned for more from Kay and upcoming productions and workshops.

Kay Thompson

Actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, vocal arranger, composer, pianist, cabaret performer, radio star, tv personality, fashion icon, and author of the famous series of children’s books, “Eloise”.
Yet none of us knows her name …

In 2008, Liza Minelli for New York magazine said: “Kay conquered everything, then moved on.  She was the greatest person ever at MGM, then she got tired of that.  She did a nightclub act that was the greatest nightclub act that had ever been seen, then she got tired of that.  Then she wrote the best children’s book in the world.  She lived her life!”

The New York times said of her “Miss Thompson is of the type which not only would launch a thousand ships but first would design and build them.”  NYT 1957

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